About Me

I’m Nancy. I’ve been entering sweepstakes for about 12 years. It all began when my twin sister called me to tell me she won a Toshiba laptop after entering her information on the Toshiba website while shopping for a new computer. I couldn’t believe that people could actually win things on the internet! That was all the encouragement I needed! So off I went, day and night – entering as many sweepstakes as I could find. Months went by and my husband expressed concern that I was spending too much time on the computer and asked me to stop. Thinking about it, I was spending most of my free time on the computer and it was getting out of hand. So, I agreed to stop using the computer for a while.

About a week later, I couldn’t help myself…..I snuck into the office and logged into my email account. There shining up from the webpage like a bright star, was an email titled “Potential Grand Prize Winner” from Webstakes. (Back then Webstakes gave away a ton of prizes and was one of the major internet sweepstakes administrators.) I could barely contain myself as my excitement grew! I opened it up…..it said something like “pending verification of eligibility….you have been selected as the potential grand prize winner of a dream vacation. It said my choices were a 7 day cruise or a trip anywhere within the US. I ACTUALLY WON!!!

I knew my husband would be pretty upset with me for sneaking into his office and using his computer after saying that I would stay away. But I also knew he had been wanting to go to Hawaii or Alaska because he had been to the other 48 states and wanted to see all 50. There’s nothing like a two week vacation in Hawaii to smooth things over! They put us up at the Westin in Maui and the Princeville Resort in Kauai (both were 5 star hotels). It was the vacation of a lifetime!

Since then I’ve won many prizes – from a car (Subaru WRX from Pepsi) to dozens of trips, lots of electronics, art, jewelry, gift cards, cash – you name it.

Sweeping has allowed me to do and see so many things that I probably would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise that I want to share these experiences with all of you! It’s my hope that I can help you experience the excitement that sweeping has given me over the years. I look forward to hearing all your sweeping stories in the future!

I also love to find good deals and help people save money – so I’ll be posting anything interesting I find.

My husband Noah and I have two greyhounds (Luke and Leia):

and two adorable one-eyed Maine Coon cats and live in Texas.

My husband also has a blog (called MyBadDiet) - which is all about food. He knows food! Enjoy! (OK so it’s not really all about food…it’s about travel, anecdotes, etc.)