Monday, February 7, 2011

EXPIRED: P&G offer could be at noon EST!

UPDATE: Their facebook page now says: tick tock....tick tock...Let the official countdown begin! You don't want to miss the P&G Everyday Solutions FANTABULOUS Give-a-way for fans ONLY! Spread the word now! Check back at noon EST!!!

On P&G's facebook page they wrote this:

LOVE the excitement I'm seeing about Monday's P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook special offer! Keep spreadin' the word! Is it a coupon? NO! Is it a sample? NO! Is it worth over $100.00? YES! YES! YES

Click the image above to go to P&G's Facebook wall where they will be posting more details on Monday (I would keep checking starting early in the morning)

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  1. Thank you!! Got a book coming,..can't wait!!!! excellent job finding this one!!!!!! thanks again! Mar.